The trend is our friend. Marketers hear this as dogma. Their job is to attach to, and or create trends themselves. That’s the way the world works. For example, if a well-known celebrity or designer endorses even the lamest of looks, ideas, or other artists, marketers are all over it, like bees drawn to pollen. The next best trend is born gasping for the air of public approval. Sometimes a trend lives and other times it dies an early death.

Avant Folk blog site is about looking at some of the trends of today as well as years gone by. Which trends have lived for decades (like Levi’s) and which left the market before anyone knew they were attempting to be for real. Our site is about helping the consumer maneuver the maze of today’s trends without becoming a cookie cutter replica of everyone else.

We watch designers from the fashion world cue off of trending music, internet sensations, and the latest celebrity look. If it becomes Avant guard, then it is thereby considered a fashion trend. We are here to warn you not to buy the purple whatchamacallit when you should be purchasing the red one – UNLESS – you really want the red one and are willing to suffer the societal consequences.

We would like to believe we are free thinkers. However, as consumers, we often blindly suck up the milk of the marketing world in order to nourish our personal egos. We want to appear as if we are in the know and very hip. If we are wearing last year’s look, or using last year’s language, or following last year’s sexiest celebrity we run the risk of being deemed dweeby – or worse. At Avant Folk we encourage you to take the chance.

To state the obvious, trends come and go and the consumer loves to be the puppet of the latest inclinations behind them. To be honest, it saves us from thinking for ourselves about matters we might not have time for.

Avant Folk is geared more for the everyday consumer and not necessarily the high end user. We like to keep it real for all of us who can’t do the $1,750 Gucci bag, or the Thom Browne silk suit. At Avant Folk we like to keep it between us and the folks.

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