Throughout history, we have followed trends that make sense and then there are others that are real head scratchers. We create and follow trends mostly in the name of beauty. Our idea of beauty has changed over time, and so have the practices we follow, nonetheless the backbone of these changes have generally been in the name of lookin’ good.

We bleach our teeth, opt for breast augmentation, botox, tanning beds, hair coloring, face lifts, striped socks. If given a look back from the year 2050 will these societal inclinations be any less aberrant than foot binding done by the Chinese or heading planking done by the Mayan? I wonder?

Humans have also used trends to signal to the general public that they are of a certain class and therefore by appearance alone, demand a measure of respect. We send a sign that we are ‘in the know’ when we show up looking so ‘with it’. So what are we towing from the past that has influenced some of our modern day inclinations?

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