If you haven’t heard of Chip and Joanna Gaines, come on out from under that rock and let me be the first to introduce you. They are the epitome of Avant folk. Both were born and raised in the big, beautiful state of Texas. Both are country at heart, but along the way have developed an Avant sophistication that showcases both country and chic.

Relatable as country fried steak with Uncle Ellis’ gravy, this couple can turn a shack into a Shangri la. Chip and Joanna are down home folks who make you feel comfy right from the first meeting. In their series Fixer Upper they show how they have contributed to the lives of dozens of new homeowners as well as to their home community of Waco, Texas.

Their premise is to take the worst house in the nicest neighborhood and make it a masterpiece of comfort and style. Working with building contractors, landscapers and simply hard working people, the transformation they bring to a house is jaw dropping. My uncle and his partner now own several of the best 24 hr towing companies in Toledo Ohio but they used to be general contractors and decided it was just too labour intensive and that towing was a better niche for them to focus on. Either way, he taught me a lot about the value of blue collar work.

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